The Markets We Operate In

Our unique position in Tokyo gives us here at Axia Consultants a perfect straddling of both Eastern and Western investment philosophies and opportunities in combination with our keen insight into the fastest growing of the emerging market sectors, to diligently seek out the very best investments available on offer to you, for use in your portfolio with us.

Many investment firms are restricted to a limited range of investment structures and specific markets.

Even though they are skilled in their implementation, are often forced to forgo even higher and more constantly performing investments, at Axia Consultants this is simply not the case, for based on your established risk aversion and investment criteria we will operate in any market that will ultimately increase the financial well-being of our clients portfolios including the following key disciplines:


With the breadth and depth of our professional advisors being drawn from around the world we can offer keen understanding into the dynamics of share markets around the globe, from blue chip securities in New York and Tokyo, to up and coming micro cap companies in the B.R.I C (Brazil, Russia, India and China) sector, we stand ready to guide you through the wealth of opportunities that can seem simply too overwhelming to choose from. Taking into account your trading requirements, this selection of quality securities will be managed and refined through constant performance evaluation to build a strong backbone of your bespoke trading portfolio with us. No matter what your requirements are, from long term retirement packages to short term limited exposure dashes, you will find that we can deliver the very best possible returns for your investment.


The trading of commodities options is another way in which Axia Consultants is able to further enhance your investment platform, by utilizing our extensive experience in reading the dynamic demand and supply factors, that make this one of the most active and high returning investment markets. Regardless of the commodities in question, whether it be gold, oil and other mineral resources that drive our treasuries and industries, or the staple agricultural products on which the world fuels itself through commodities such as corn, rice and coffee, the constant interchange and valuation of these commodities, when managed on your behalf by one of our highly skilled traders will help to grow your financial health at a rate you might not have previously believed possible, yet in a safe and consistent manner.

FOREX Trading

One of the most mentioned, but least understood by the general public, forms of investment, is that of FOREX trading (Foreign Exchange). This exciting and ever changing investment landscape is driven by the inherent differences between the world’s currencies on a minute to minute basis. This highly complex interplay is one that is often neglected by casual investors due to its seemingly incomprehensible rules and the degree to which trades must be managed, yet for all of these factors it is still one of the world’s greatest returning investment platforms if managed properly and that is where Axia Consultants’ team of currency trading experts come into play on your behalf, allowing your portfolio to gain from our professional advice regarding this highly beneficial investment form.