Welcome to Axia Consultants

Based in Tokyo Axia Consultants is one of the world’s foremost providers of high quality professional advice to institutions and high net-worth individuals, in the fields of investment strategy and regime implementation strategy.

Dedicated team of highly skilled professionals

Our dedicated team of highly skilled professionals has been drawn from elite positions at some of the world’s best known and respected institutions.

Our team brings together a very diverse talent pool

As a client of Axia Consultants you will be benefiting from a team that has the ability to accurately forecast outcomes and implement strategy to capitalize on these, from the position of observing the total picture.

We have established a track record of delivering the best possible results

Our team has between them an unrivaled network of alliances in the business and governmental communities worldwide. These relationships have proven themselves time and time again invaluable resources for our clients.

The Guiding light in Investment Performance

Since Axia Consultants’ formation in Tokyo in 1997, we have established a sterling reputation for the service and results of the investments that we make on behalf of our diverse and highly valued clientele.

With a combination of analysts, market researchers and niche investment professionals, we have carved out our name as one of the foremost boutique investment houses.

We know that this reputation for investment excellence, while reassuring , is dependant ultimately on each and every trade we conduct on our clients behalf, from the very first execution to retiring from the markets, nothing can be over-looked or taken for granted.

Our perfectly balanced size as a boutique brokerage plays a crucial part in our successful trading history. We can take the time and effort to offer our select clientele the fully comprehensive approach to investment management on a unique one to one basis, as opposed to simply being another nameless numbered trading account being overseen by brokers you have no personal interaction with and therefore have no understanding of your own unique set of financial requirements. Yet, we are also large enough that we can make orders in large trades, significantly reducing investment outlays and charges.

From the moment that you first become a valued client of Axia Consultants, you will notice something fundamentally different from other investment professionals that you may have employed the services of in the past, you will notice that you are in charge and are setting the direction that our skilled professionals undertake at every stage of your investment relationship with us at Axia Consultants.

The process begins at your initial consultation where you and your assigned account manager will begin to discuss exactly what your long term financial goals are and strategize the most effective and beneficial means to achieving them.

Following on from this, derives the type of interaction that you wish to maintain with us here at Axia Consultants, the most limited type, which many experienced investors who are already comfortable making full use of their own private or external resources utilize, is our Execution Only Account, where principle communication regarding trading is at your instigation and recommendations and advice are received only via email on a month to month basis. The most frequently requested procedural account is however our Direct Contact Account, in this arrangement you are in a constant ongoing engagement with your account manager, in regards to all aspects of your investment portfolio, with all options being presented to you ahead of any changes that may be made to your investments, keeping you aware and in total control of your finances.

The key choice that our clients make when engaging Axia Consultants as their investment partner, is not however based on the frequency or the infrequency of the conversation between us, but rather the quality and standard of the information that we can place at your fingertips regarding market conditions and trends throughout the world. Our highly sought after analysts come from a rich and diverse cross section of the investment and banking community and between them have over 250 years of hard won experience and can offer crucial insight into what the markets are moving towards, rather than conditions at the moment.

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